Little Scientist 500 Piece Puzzle

Little Scientist 500 Piece Puzzle

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Do not underestimate this puzzle. It may contain sweet colourful images of important scientists, but there is power and knowledge in every piece! 

Put together the 500 pieces to show portraits of 16 awesome men and women who have made an important impact on the world via their scientific contribution and changed our world for the better.

The colourful illustrations will appeal to young audiences who are perhaps encountering them for the first time.  Each figure is featured with tools of their trade (or clues to their specialism) and labelled by field.  

The grid design allows younger children to complete a square at a time, so they’re not overwhelmed by a large puzzle. 

Completed puzzle measures 20 x 20 "

Recommended for children aged 8 years + 

Included scientists: Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, Lene Hau, Isaac Newton, Vera Rubin, Jacques Cousteau, Rosalind Franklin, Carl Sagan, Mary Anning, George Washington Carver, Carolyn Porco, Louis Pasteur, Katherine Johnson, Edwin Hubble and Charles Darwin.