Dream It and Do It


When was the last time you had a dream? When was the last time you let your mind wander away from real life and thought about all the things you would love to be doing with your life?

If you’ve stopped dreaming, if you are scared to dream, or if you don’t believe in your dreams then this is the book for you! Laura Cruise is your guide on the journey to your dream life and business.

Learn how to:
- Get truly self-focused without guilt
- Clearly identify your dream life and business
- Connect to the magic you will feel when your dream life becomes a reality
- Build a confident mindset and increase your self-belief
- Create the plan - then take the action
- Dream as if it’s already done

‘This book is the kick up the backside those with a dream need to take their idea from their head into a viable business’ - Jodie Gearing, award-winning jewellery designer.

Laura Cruise is a coach, mentor, podcaster, keynote speaker and published author. After working in people development for over a decade, she dreamt of creating a different life for herself and her family, which would give her the freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun she craved. In 2019 she dreamt it, and in 2020 she did it. Dream It and Do It, just like she did.