Highway Code Puzzle Book


Get up to speed with the rules of the road.

A fun collection of puzzles of various kinds, in colour, making use of content, including signs, from The Official Highway Code. An easy and entertaining way to revise for a driver’s licence test or improve your knowledge of The Highway Code.

Many of us are hazy about the meanings of less common road signs, or are not up to date on changes to The Highway Code since we passed our test. On the other hand, there are those who are very proud of their encyclopaedic knowledge of UK road signs. These are puzzles for everyone to enjoy.

If learning for a driver’s test, this book is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easier and more enjoyable way to learn and test their Highway Code knowledge.

A variety of word- and knowledge-based puzzle types based on the signs and markings of The Highway Code; they range from straightforward through to more challenging, but all are designed to be solvable by the average reader.

Can you solve them all?