Nuddy Coconut Soap


Feel all of those tropical vibes with our 'SUPER RICH' Shea Butter Coconut scented soap bar. Shut your eyes and transport yourself to sweeeeet paradise. We're talking white sand, palm trees and questionably small swimwear.

What is it? A deliciously scented Super Rich Shea Butter Soap Bar.

Why it’s amazing: this bar has been created using Raw African Shea Butter. Unlike other soap bars, it both cleanses + moisturises your skin, leaving it softer, smoother and more nourished. The bar is ‘triple milled’ which means it lasts much longer then other soaps and produces a more luxurious sudsy lather. You’ve seen soap, but nothing quite like Nuddy soap before.

Good to know: vegan friendly, plastic free, cruelty free, sls free, made in the U.K.