Posh Toast


Everyone loves toast. Always comforting, whether crisp and buttered or awash with baked beans, for millions of people it's their go-to snack be it morning, noon or night.

Just because it's toast doesn't mean it has to be dull. Food fans everywhere are abandoning flaccid white sliced for classy sourdough, spelt and rye. Out with the marmite and marmalade (not that we don't love them), and in with the quirky, creative, posh toppings.

Posh Toast is packed with over 70 recipes for every palate and every time of day, covering breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper. From savoury snacks, to Scandi mini-bites, through healthy Mediterranean lunches to quick-fix suppers, even the most gourmet garnishes are the easiest meals since sliced bread. Smoked salmon breakfast cups and Brioche toast with peaches and cream are just two breakfast possibilities, while lunch options include Roasted tomato and goat s cheese tartine, alongside Thyme-buttered mushrooms and Whipped gorgonzola, rocket, and honey drizzle. Spend the evenings snacking on Baked Camembert with rosemary and truffle oil, or making a meal of Turkey stroganoff or Sausages and lentils. The possibilities are endless, and even the poshest-sounding recipes can be made by anyone with a toaster.

A craze that began in San Francisco, the trend for gourmet toast toppings has crossed the Atlantic and looks like it's here to stay. Posh Toast is the quick-cooking bible for students, busy parents, and office workers on the go. Every recipe includes the real 'making' time, from start to finish, and tempting photography shows the gorgeous results that you'll be making in no time.

This is the book for toast addicts, experts chefs and novices alike. It's toast. It's posh. It's Posh Toast.