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About Us


When a delivery arrives, we get excited, even though we know what's inside.

We unwrap everything with care, stroke it, price it and spend far too long finding the right place for it.

If we wouldn't display the products in our own homes, or offer them to our friends as gifts, then you won't see them in store.

For us, it's all about the detail.



I’m Jo and I started this business because I needed a better work life balance, I now work more hours than ever, but I love it (apart from completing the VAT return and refilling the pricing gun, I like to delegate those tasks). You’ll find me in the shop most days, even if I’m off, I tend to be in, I need to address that.

I love quirky things and have a dry sense of humour, I think our shop reflects that. I have a trio of Labradors called Charlea, Lottie & Dolly and a husband called Paul, I didn’t mean to list them in that order but Paul will understand. We like to go to the beach when we get time off, which isn’t often, but very precious. We eat fish and chips out of the wrapper, it always tastes better by the sea and the doggies always get a couple of chips. I love holidays but I'm fussy where I stay. I’ve been known to change a booking because I didn’t like the carpet. Wi-Fi is essential, I don’t necessarily use it (who am I kidding!) the feeling of not being contactable doesn’t sit well.

I love to cook and my favourite snack is a fish finger sandwich with Heinz tomato sauce and a cup of tea. I drink far too much tea and prefer it when my husband makes it, he’s the expert and always makes a perfect one when I get home. The girls in the shop make reasonable tea, but it's usually cold by the time I get to drink it.

I wear a lot of black, I wear a lot of grey too, I try not to but I can’t help myself, I’m a creature of habit. I also wear a lot of stars, I have a slight addiction to stars, if ever you want to sell me something, make it in grey and pop a star on the front!

My favourite season is Autumn, I love the colours on the trees and I’m sure Autumn has its own distinct smell. For me, it’s the season where so much changes in such a short space of time, it doesn’t hang around, it just gets on with it – I like that. I don’t like the daddy-long-legs though, I have to make sure the house is in lockdown when those pesky things are around.

So that's me and that's what I enjoy in life.

Jo Barber, Owner



It’s a team effort running the shop, let me introduce you to the wonderful ladies who assist me.

Kirsty is our Store Manager, she’s been with us for about 6 years and in between helping customers, she manages our till system, makes sure our stock levels are accurate, oversees the rota and is a dab hand with DIY. She also looks after all our artwork design and deciphers my very tangled ideas.

Lydia looks after our admin ensuring our suppliers are paid on time, sorts out the payroll, gets through my endless lists of tasks and generally helps the business flow. It would be wrong of me to mention on here that Lydia breaks things, it’s a very sensitive subject 

Larissa is currently on maternity leave and is mum to gorgeous twins, we miss her terribly and can’t wait for her to re-join us in November 

Pippa is the friendly face you’ll see from Tuesday to Saturday, a smile not to be missed and one of the funniest people to work with. A good all-rounder with excellent merchandising skills and a great can-do attitude.

Amber is our Uni student, she works every Wednesday and alternate weekends, she’s very clever and studying a subject we know nothing about! The weekends when she’s not working for us, she works for Bedford Blues, and knows a thing or two about rugby!

Kelsey, Kay and Lilli are our students and have been with us for almost a year. You’ll see them in the shop after school hours and during weekends. They were all predicted to excel in their GCSE’s hardly surprising, they’re a dedicated and hardworking bunch, who are destined for great things.