9 Step Negativity Detox


9 Step Negativity Detox is your thoughtful guide to detoxing your mindset and eliminating negativity from your life.

In just nine easy steps, happiness expert Domonique Bertolucci shares a whole range of tips, strategies and suggestions to detox your mindset and choose a positive life that you want to zoom in on. She will show you how to put on your rose-coloured glasses and discover the power of a positive perspective, including how to express your gratitude and to be grateful, find your people, expand your mind, and know how to be your own boss, choosing to take charge and celebrate who you are.

Once you are free and clear of the unnecessary causes of negativity in your life, not only will you discover how pervasive your negative thoughts and experiences have really been, you’ll be much better at spotting them and preventing them from creeping back into your life.