Chilly's - Series 2 - 500ml Bottle - Whale Blue


Designed for drinking

This is not a redesign by Chilly’s, it’s an evolution. The Series 2 range has been systematically engineered to deliver an unprecedented drinking experience. Still keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and your hot drinks hot for 12 hours.

The Series 2 bottle is a triumph in reusable design. Its soft-touch, anti-microbial drinking collar ensures comfortable sipping, whilst the carry loop makes on-the-go drinking even easier. And then there’s the rubber base, eliminating the heavy clunking sound whenever you put your bottle down - it’s the little things that count.

500ml – 7.5cm wide and 22cm tall. The weight of this bottle is 390g.


Are Chilly’s Series 2 bottles leak-proof?

As with the original Chilly's bottles, Series 2 bottles are 100% leak-proof - and they come with a new, improved design. The o-ring seal in the lid is built in, which means your bottle is sealed even more securely. 

Are Chilly’s Series 2 bottles dishwasher safe?u

We recommend cleaning your bottle after each use with hot soapy water, please do not leave the bottle to soak. For a very thorough clean please use bicarbonate soda with water.

When not using your bottle, we recommend storing it without the cap on.