The Battle for Oak Ridge


Mitsy the mouse is a talented inventor. While testing out her new invention, the Aeropigeon, she and her best friend, Benjamin, are attacked by a hawk and crash into the middle of a dangerous land.

The mouse city of Oak Ridge faces an impending attack from Rat Land, led by the bullying General. When Mitsy and Benjamin encounter local mouse Jack, they find an ally to help them on their journey home. But as the battle draws near, the stranded mice must stay and defend their new friends in Oak Ridge.

Surrounded by danger and betrayal, Mitsy and Benjamin don't know who they can trust, but soon realise they were never just ordinary mice. Do they have what it takes to survive this harsh new world?

Lose yourself in the first book of the Mouse Protector series - a timeless introduction to the tough life right under our very noses. In this world, there isn’t always a happy ever after.