The Worry Workbook


Worries come in all shapes and sizes and can creep up on us when we least expect them. They are like little clouds that float above our heads that seem at once menacing and threatening, stopping us from doing the things we really want and spoiling our fun. The Worry Workbook is here to help by explaining what worry is, offering creative ways to calm and distract yourself when worry strikes.

  • Make a worry camera that captures fears and shrinks them into a manageable size.
  • Colour in a mood tracker that explores the rainbow of everyday emotions.
  • Write on the magic mirror of compliments to help recognize your strengths.
  • Create your very own list of anti-worry actions to fight fear and keep smiling.

Parents, this is for you: This book has been peer reviewed by a child psychologist, and there are explainers throughout just in case your child has questions about the activities.